Interview with Joey Logano

September 19, 2010

One of the youngest current stars on the race track is Joey Logano, driving the GameStop Toyota car in the Nationwide Series and the Home Depot car in the Sprint Cup. As Logano, an avid gamer, drives the circuits his vehicles are often adorned with images and graphics depicting the latest Triple-A game of console hardware.

We had a moment to spend some time with the 20-yr old Logano discussing his gaming habits, his thoughts on the inclusion of NASCAR racing in Gran Turismo 5, and his personal favorite racing and gaming memories.
Toby Davis: Joey, before NASCAR racing for Gamestop what would be your favorite gaming memory and why?

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July 29, 2010

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Interview with Dan Amrich (Activision Community Manager)

July 26, 2010

Growing up, whenever I got my hands on a magazine, only a few journalists were around I enjoyed reading. This interview features former video-game journalist Dan Amrich, now the social-media guy at Activision. While he may be a community manager, for those of us who love to read and write in the gaming industry, he’s much more. He answered six random questions, and I hope to repeat this randomness sometime down the road. 

Toby Davis:  What are your thoughts on cartoonish-looking games, such as Sly Cooper, versus more visually realistic games, such as Modern Warfare 2?  

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Interview with Jeff Green

June 28, 2010

Many of you who read this listen to the Mobcast here on Bitmob which is the weekly podcast. How ever I always wondered about the people behind the EA podcast and there thoughts about general gaming questions in today’s society. After listening to Jeff Green who is the Editor-In Chief for EA, Samantha LaPerre who is the Managing Editor for EA and for many months now I wanted to turn the words on them in hopes to learn more. Jeff Green was kind enough to take time off his busy schedule for me so lets get to the interview.

Toby Davis: So far who has been your most memorable guest while on the podcast?

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Interview with Pascal Bestebroer from Orange Pixel

June 20, 2010

With mobile gaming on the rise it seems about the time to look at a company who has been doing it for years. Since 2004 Orange Pixel has been in the mobile phone market. Now I am not sure about you, but for me six years is a long time. Getting a chance to talk with Pascal Bestebroer who is the CEO for Orange Pixel.

Toby Davis: Please, tell me who you are and about your job here?

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Interview with Matt Wilson (Monsterpocalypse)

June 19, 2010

When I was young, tabletop miniature games were king in my family. Today many people overlook the genre in favor of video games due to factors like accessibility, cost, and connectivity.

Privateer Press, creators of many classic and popular tabletop miniature games like the hit Monsterpocalypse, are looking to keep the game genre from fading away.  With the Voltron expansion coming out in July, I had the opportunity to speak with Matt Wilson, Creative Director, on his thoughts about the direction that tabletop miniature gaming is headed, as well as their plans for their popular franchise.

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Interview with Kedhrin Gonzalez on Nexuiz

June 11, 2010

Many of us hate playing multiplayer games that don’t ever change much. HoweverIllFonic has plans to change the way you play first person shooters. I know your itching to learn more so now we will hear more about this shooter from Lead Designer, Kedhrin Gonzalez.

Toby Davis:  Can you please tell us who you are? Also please tell us a little about what you do at IllFonic.

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